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Signex Product Page


These individually illuminated letters are fabricated in various sizes and font types depending on each individual style and application. Letters are precision cut and shaped by state of the art equipment using high quality finished aluminum.


LED Lighting

LED lights are available in many colors including green, amber, white, blue and red. RGB LED can be programmed to any emit color. Modules typically have an operational life span of 99,000 hours and come with a 5 year warranty.



Channel letters are fabricated with various thicknesses of 3″ or 5″ aluminum coil. In order to properly bend and shape each letter, a channel letter should be no smaller than 10 inches in height. Sans-serif fonts also add complications in smaller sizes.



Channel, trim, acrylic and LED come in many stock colors. Virtually any color combination can be realized. To take it further, however, channel and trim can also be custom painted.



Rather than running a wire from each letter into the wall, an Invisirail means just one wire needs to enter the wall. This exclusive technology hides all LED power packs and wiring whilest giving the channel letters a secure and nearly invisible base.


Signex Product Page


Halo lighting is a common technique used instead of channel letter illumination. Halo letters can be smaller than channel letters because of the rear-facing LED technique used in them. The signature characteristic of halo-letters is the lighting that outlines the letter or shape.


A halo-lit letter has rear-facing LED mounted inside the letter. This produces a halo effect around the letter instead of the more common face-illumination.


Since halo-lighting only makes the outline visible, the most effective application of this lighting style is on letters or simple shapes/logos.

Dual Illumination

It is possible to construct letters that use both halo lighting and face lighting. In order to do this, the letters themselves must be much deeper to accommodate the rear facing and front facing LED’s. This can be a suitable solution if you want to use halo lighting on a logo that is a little more complex than a simple letter.


To accomodate the rear-facing LED, halo letters are typically stand-off mounted. This allows the halo to form on whatever surface the letter is mounted to.