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Signex Product Page


These signs provide a noticeable identification factor to fit and promote your location and company. As the design elements, applications, and finishes may vary, free standing displays may be modest, architectural in design, or bold and will always make a statement.


Wrapped Beams

Basic free-standing signs have exposed support beams. More modern free-standing signs, however, often incorporate cladding that completely enclose the beams. Hiding the beams creates an extremely clean aesthetic.


Sign Cabinets

These signs are made up of different components including foundation, beams and cladding, but the most important component, however, is the sign cabinet. The signage part of a free-standing sign is an LED illuminated sign cabinet.



Smaller monument signs are installed on a simple cement pad. Larger pylon signs are supported with either a single steel beam or multiple steel beams. These beams require an 8-10 foot deep cement foundation.



All metal components on a free-standing sign can be custom painted to match any color. We use automotive paint for it’s extremely durable characteristics. Besides color, many different textures and more complex finishes are possible too.