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Our team of consultants have extensive experience and are happy to help you develop the exact program you need. It’s best to get us involved with your planning process as early as possible. What’s the most cost effective way to get new pylons up across Canada? Are your new buildings being built to accommodate the signage you want? How do you make sure your branding is consistent across the country? How do you deal with the varying by-laws? We can answer all these questions before your program even gets off the ground. It is the consultants job to relay all your ideas and desires to the various manufacturing departments. Since you’ll have a dedicated consultant(s), you will maintain complete control over all aspects of your program.


Your company’s branding is integral to the development of your company and its overall value. There’s one over-arching rule about branding: it must be consistent. How do you maintain perfectly unified branding when you’re planning a nation wide sign campaign? You have a singular sign company like Signex at the core of it. We don’t want to just maximize how much you get for your budget, we want to ensure the maximum impact of your brand everywhere. We will make sure your branding looks it’s best and is produced and installed with total consistency.

Project Management

Signex has a strong project management team that you will have at your disposal. It’s hard to anticipate all the obstacles you will encounter when taking on a large-scale signage campaign unless you have experience in this specific area. Our project management team is in essence a problem-solving team and they ideally like to find solutions before problems even arise. Take advantage of their experience and let them anticipate everything your project needs. They will take care of the details so you don’t have to.


We have the largest sign manufacturing facility in Manitoba. Of course, this allows us to manufacture physically large signs such as our record-breaking pylons, 90 ft long sign cabinets, and 100ft x 30ft banners, but it also affects how many signs we can produce in the least amount of time. Our 20,000 sq ft facility allows us to cater to the needs of large-scale signage programs. Our facility runs off of a combination of computerized equipment and experienced craftsmen. Our facility is designed to allow efficient and flexible production to meet your company’s needs.


With large-scale signage programs that span many regions, installation becomes one of the greatest challenges. You need to be assured that your sign company can install at all your locations and, if needed, have multiple install crews operating at once. Besides having multiple install crews operating out of our head quarters, we have developed integral partnerships across all of Canada that allows us to oversee the installations of all your signs anywhere in Canada. With Signex you will be appointed an installation coordinator who will ensure that your signs and therefore your brand is/are maintained wherever it goes. By having a singular person overseeing your project’s installations you ensure branding consistency as well as installation quality.