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Signex Product Page


Durable sign cabinets are built in geometrical shapes or form fit to curved shapes or patterns. The LED illuminated sign cabinet will adapt to unique types of lighting by illuminating either the complete face or the graphics and letters only.



Sign cabinet dimensions depend on the type of face material. Specifically how heavy the material is. Flex faces are so light that the sign cabinets can be virtually any shape and size. Lexan faces, however, are much heavier. They should be no more than 8 feet tall. Any face larger than this will sag under it’s own weight.


LED Lighting

LED lights are available in many many colors including green, amber, white, blue and red. Modules typically have an operational life span of 99,000 hours. They also come with a 5 year warranty and are CSA approved.



All metal components, such as the cabinet and the retainers, can be custom painted to match any color. Colored vinyl comes in hundreds of different colors and shades. However, if a manufactured color isn’t a close enough match, we can also custom print any color.