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Electronic scoreboards are one of the earliest examples of digital signs, however at this point, many many different types have been created to suit the needs of practically any type of business. Modern technology has taken digital signs from very humble beginnings to high definition video players and touch screen interfaces.


Traditionally, once a sign was manufactured, that content couldn’t be changed without extensive modifications or manufacturing a completely new sign. The problem, of course, is that most businesses implement a variety of different marketing campaigns throughout the year. To accomplish this you need dynamic signage. Something that can be updated as many times as you like.


The really great part of modern digital signs is that managing your content is so easy. In most cases, updating your content is simply done through any internet-connected computer you choose in an online content management program. If you want to make it even easier to create the highest quality content for your sign, just get us to do it!

Wall Digitals

The world of signs is quite large and quite specialized. There are many different types of signs that fulfill many different functions. It’s a craft that is best explained through pictures. In our product guide you can browse many examples of what we do and get a little insight into our world.


There are many many options when it comes to scoreboard type signs. You can choose from a simple single-sided scoreboard or a four-sided unit designed to hang down from the ceiling. Choose a display based on how much information you need to convey. You can have one digit display panel or many! Plus, for a sign that really stands out, choose a scoreboard with a full HD screen built in.


Electronic message centers have grown in popularity over the years. Many different kinds of businesses utilize them. They can be relatively low-res and display only text or be high-res enough to display photographs. In either case, they are extremely effective at executing multiple marketing campaigns at one time. They are often installed as a part of another larger pylon sign.

Digital Kiosks

These monuments utilize a similar design and construction to the wall-mounted players and touch screens. The screen sizes range from 42″ to 55″. The great benefit of these kiosks is they need no wall surface for installation, they can be placed anywhere. That makes them perfectly suited as directories in larger establishments such as malls or airports.

Touch Tables

These touch tables definitely remind us that the future is now! Screen size ranges from 42″ to 55″. These tables give you yet another option for a dynamic digital sign. If your business space doesn’t really suit a tall kiosk like the ones above, just choose this table that offers all the same features, but sits more horizontal.

Video Wall

If you’ve ever tried to make a video wall out of random screens you know that it’s a nightmare. These video walls are specifically designed to be combined into one single screen. The response time between them is so fast you can play back high-speed video. Possibly the best feature is how small the “gutters” are. The LCD screens have an ultra narrow 5mm bezel!