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Signex Product Page


Creating the perfect space for your company is as much about the interior as it is the exterior. There’s so much you can do even apart from custom wayfinding signage that helps your patrons find their way around. The materials at your disposal are virtually endless, but vinyl and flat-cut letters are very popular.


Vinyl is simple, very effective and one of the most affordable place making options. As technology has progressed, more and more vinyl variants have been created. Now there is virtually no surface that can’t be covered. Etched vinyl is a very popular option. It’s often used as a privacy film because it still allows light through, but the creative applications are endless. You can easily cut text and logos into the vinyl.

Flat-Cut Letters

Many interior walls are perfectly suited for flat-cut letters. Some choose to highlight the reception area, cover a wall with the company logo or just add accents here and there.


Nowadays there are vinyl types that can adhere to virtually any substrate. Surfaces that used to resist vinyl in the past, such as brick or drywall, can now be covered using modern vinyl products.


There are low-tack vinyl options that can be moved from location to location. Low-tack products can even be installed on painted drywall and then later removed with no damage done to the paint.