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Signex Manufacturing is COR Certified and offers complete installation and maintenance for your sign requirements. We have an experienced service and installation team and the appropriate equipment to install everything from high rise lettering and pylon signs to interior work. Our 6 vehicle fleet includes specially equipped service vehicles. We have a crane, Isuzu basket, platform truck and bucket trucks which have a 40 to 80 foot reach. Our Steinbach-based installers service all of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and into Ontario. We have also formed integral partnerships across Canada and the U.S. which allows us to service all of Canada.


Many of our customers have designed logos that rarely change already set in place. In these circumstances, the design department of Signex Manufacturing provides customized conceptual drawings. These drawings provide our customers with a visual of what the finished signs will look like once they have been installed. This way, our customers know exactly where their signs will be installed, if the size is correct and if they want to go ahead with the project. Other customers require a more advanced step into design. They rely on us to provide professional recommendations on both material used and application methods.


Whether your problem includes burnt out bulbs, or a sign face that has been damaged by any type of weather, Signex Manufacturing provides quality repair work within a prompt time frame. For large maintenance issues, like the finish on the sign posts or the metal cladding; painting & refurbishing says something about the kind of advertising you seek for your company. Signex Manufacturing maintains specially trained, dedicated crews, and specially outfitted trucks, ready to get your sign working in the most efficient manner. We install and service what we build. Our specially equipped service vehicles include a crane, Isuzu basket, platform truck and bucket trucks which have a 40 to 80 foot reach.


There are many by-laws in place that restrict signage installations and these by-laws change from region to region. We carefully review the by-laws regarding the area your sign will be installed from day one. This way no time is wasted planning a design/build that is illegal to install. We have permit specialists on staff that will take care of all signage permits for you. We also fill out the necessary application information for your Hydro Rebates. The vast majority of our signs utilize LED illumination which eliminates harmful contaminants found in other light sources such as neon and fluorescents. Because of these environmental benefits, Manitoba Hydro provides an LED rebate. We will ensure all applications are completed so you receive this rebate.


At Signex we pride ourselves on knowing our products and how to best utilize them. Before you get too deep into planning your sign/building it’s a good idea to give us a call. We’ll pass our knowledge onto you when we consult on projects – large or small; we love a challenge! If there’s a concept you’d like to incorporate in your signage that departs from the standard – we’ll research and field test it if necessary to develop a sign package that will exceed your expectations.


Whether you are looking for interior or exterior signage a leasing and financial program is a cost effective way to extend your marketing and advertising budget. Signex Manufacturing Leasing allows your business to invest in quality eye catching signage that reflects your business’ unique brand and image and still maintains your cash flow. In addition we assume responsibility for your signage, including maintenance and insurance. It’s a genuinely hassle free experience.Please contact our office for details 1-877-938-7446