Signex Services

From large national chains to small/local businesses, we offer signage solutions for all your growing needs. 

Signage on a Big Scale – National Brands

We understand that as your business evolves so do your signage needs. We will work with you to design and create signage solutions that are effective, efficient and a true reflection of the business you’ve built. Our team is committed to creating a program and a plan that works for your business. With the largest manufacturing facility in all of Manitoba, we are equipped for any project, large or small.



Your signage is one of the biggest investments you will make when it comes to displaying your brand. We are committed to ensuring your logo translates perfectly into signage and that every detail and design feature is considered. Our talented designers are knowledgeable and committed to working with clients through the entire design process. We are branding experts. From conceptual drawings and sketches to professional recommendations; we ensure you love how your brand translates into signage.



Signex Manufacturing is COR certified and we offer complete installation and maintenance for all your sign requirements. We have an experienced service and installation team and cutting-edge equipment to install everything from high-rise lettering and pylon signs to interior wayfinding. We provide service to all of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and NW Ontario. We have formed key partnerships across Canada and the US to provide service on an international level.



We are committed to ensuring your sign is lighting up your brand 365 days of the year. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to the service and repair of your sign. Contact us to request your service contract today!



Let us take care of the permit process! With in-house permit specialists, we carefully review the local requirements for your sign to ensure your sign can be installed legally and efficiently.



Leasing an interior or exterior sign is a cost-effective way to extend your marketing budget. Signex allows your business to invest in quality eye-catching signage that reflects the unique brand of your business and image and still maintains your cash flow. We will also include a maintenance contract to have a hassle-free experience. Please contact us for more details.