Signex Consulting

Signex Manufacturing Inc. is one of Manitoba's largest sign manufacturers and a leader in the sign industry.

Your path to outstanding wayfinding experiences

Signs are all around us. Despite their countless uses, they all have something powerful in common – an ability to transform our experiences.

Zebra Consulting, the sign consulting arm of Signex, understands how to use the power of signage and wayfinding to achieve effective results. With expertise that spans decades in the industry, our team offers services that cover all stages of developing a sign spec.

PHASE 1 - Design & Consulting Services

We start by making sure your signs are functional and look great. Materials are selected and design concepts are made to establish design consistency. Our consultants can also advise on permit requirements, making sure your plans follow all local by-laws.

PHASE 2 - Tender Document Preparation

A four-part final deliverable, which includes a tender document, will be made to explain in great detail the procedure, guidelines and requirements for any manufacturer wishing to bid on the job.

Our deliverables:

PHASE 3 - Project Management

When the manufacturing has been awarded, our third phase begins where we provide project management to oversee the shop drawing stage and adjustments necessary to complete the installation.